A Poem I Wrote

Here is a poem I wrote for a writing class I am taking about MRKH.


Amazing how life can change in a speck of a moment

Because of one doctor’s appointment

Can I get through this one way or another?

Destroyed inside

Emphasizes your insecurities

Falling hopes around me

Gigantic dreams, but never filled

Happiness is not reachable

I feel my heart aching

Jokes that hurt you, but weren’t meant too

Kills you slowly day by day

Lying awake at night

Maybe this is the end for me

Not many know

Open the door to reality

People aren’t able to understand

Queen of the world of despair

Really how can I get through this

Sitting here in a class

Taking my feelings to my heart

U probably won’t understand

Vulnerable to the whispers

Wondering, why?

Xcellent recovery has been made

You can’t have children.

Zinging noises of crying.